District: portland (southeast)

Name District Clinic Name Action
Armbruster, Aaron Portland (Southeast) Parkside Clinic Chiropractic & Massage View
Guzik, Aaron Portland (Southeast) Skull & Bones Chiropractic View
Lee, Alexis Portland (Southeast) Accident Care Specialists View
Lennon, Amy Portland (Southeast) Hawthorne Chiropractic Clinic View
Paradise, Athena Portland (Southeast) Heart In Hand Chiropractic View
Chaser, Bruce Portland (Southeast) Hawthorne Wellness Center View
Hathaway, Chalese Portland (Southeast) Chiorcare Chiropractic Clinic, PC View
Goldston, Charlie Portland (Southeast) Starkwood Chiropractic View
Cooper, Chris Portland (Southeast) Cascade Chiropractic and Wellness View
   Beeson, Dan Portland (Southeast) Beeson Chiropractic Clinic View
Darter-Saunders, David Portland (Southeast) White Squirrel Chiropractic, LLC View
Day, David Portland (Southeast) Day Chiropractic View
Sullivan, Dennis R. Portland (Southeast) Good News Chiropractic View
Harper, Dwight Portland (Southeast) Dwight Harper, DC View
Khalsa, Hari Daas Portland (Southeast) Khalsa Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic View
Anderson, Jeffrey Portland (Southeast) Pacific Chiropractic & Wellness Center View
Budjac, Jessica Portland (Southeast) Portland Family Health View
Schuldt, Jill Portland (Southeast) Lula Health Center View
Helton, John Portland (Southeast) Chiropractic Healing Hands View
   MD Jordi Kellogg, Portland (Southeast) Jordi Kellogg, MD View
Allan, Judith Portland (Southeast) Oregon Natural Health Center View
   Boothby, Judith Portland (Southeast) Third Way Chiropractic View
Achtyes, Kent Portland (Southeast) Powell Chiropractic Clinic View
   Cowan, Lee Portland (Southeast) Rockwood Chiropractic Clinic View
Armans, Leila Portland (Southeast) Eve Chiropractic Clinic View
Paez, Louise Portland (Southeast) Lula Health Center View
Johansen, Mark Portland (Southeast) Chiropractic Life Center View
Bundy, Michael Portland (Southeast) Michael Bundy's Clinic View
Ouellette, Molly Portland (Southeast) Jade Chiropractic View
Anderson, Paige Portland (Southeast) Rose Natural Health View
Bailey, Rachel Portland (Southeast) Balanced Health Chiropractic View
Conklin, Scott Portland (Southeast) Total Family Chiropractic View
Agger, Simon Portland (Southeast) Agger Chiropractic and Nutrition Clinc View
Kingston, Steve Portland (Southeast) Mt. Tabor Chiropractic Center View
Ycasas, Theresa (Terry) Portland (Southeast) Elixia Wellness Group View
Takeuchi Thomas K Portland (Southeast) The Key Chirorpactic View
Turnbull, Todd Portland (Southeast) Turnbull Clinic View
   Saboe, Tony Portland (Southeast) Sunrise Chiropractic Clinic View
Johnson, Tyrel Portland (Southeast) Cascade Chiropractic & Wellness View
   Palchikovskiy, Viktor Portland (Southeast) Accident Trauma Rehabilitation Clinic View